• July Meeting
    July 9, 2019
    7:15 am - 10:00 am

Movin’ on UP!
How to UP Your HR Game

2 years ago Lancaster SHRM conducted a survey on the biggest needs of our HR community. Several needs produces high results. Filling job openings, finding candidates, and improving the skills of our labor force along with salary and benefit offerings is challenging HR professionals. This program provides samples of how companies have resolved the issues of 4 critical needs facing our membership.

RHONDA KURTZ, Workforce Development Board
Salary levels in our MSA change regularly. HR professionals struggle to keep on those changes. Lancaster County also has a very low unemployment rate compared to the rest of the state and when attempting to recruit from surrounding counties it helps to know how the salaries compare. Rhonda Kurtz from the Workforce Development Board will share salary trends along with market differentials. Pay UP!

Lancaster County has many outlying rural areas where many food manufacturers exist. There best labor pool is in the city of Lancaster, but transportation provides challenges for that labor force. The manufacturing industry provides better sustainable wage positions, however many of these potential candidates are unable to get to these jobs and improve their income. Jodi Pace with AFP organized a small consortium of food manufacturers and lobbied the Lancaster Transit Authority to provide bus routes from the city to these rural areas around the various shifts these employees work. The program has been a great success. Partner UP!

Training our current employee base and providing career paths to aid retention was another challenge our membership faced. One of our local HVAC and Plumbing Contractors developed a training program called Haller U. Haller U provides employees with training and certification programs, on site, allowing them to provide career paths for existing employees. This program has greatly improved retention. Rebecca will share with our members how they built out the program, how it works and the value proposition to the company. Train UP!

CHRISTINE PENG, Metrix Learning
The number one was the lack of soft skills among our younger labor force. The Workforce Readiness Committee went in search of programs that would help HR professionals in the soft skill space. We developed a relationship with a company called Metrix Learning. They offer innovative and affordable training programs and technology solutions and are the only eTraining company solely focused on the needs of the public workforce training and development market. Using a combination of eLearning technology, instructor-led training and custom development, Metrix has provided training programs to more than 50,000 adult learners in over 15 states. Lancaster SHRM members volunteered to evaluate rand their programs based on relevancy to the needs in our marketplace. The relation that was formed afforded us the ability to negotiate free access to all of our members. Skill UP!


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