• Incentive Compensation
    January 8, 2019
    7:15 am - 2:00 pm

Boost Employee Productivity with Variable Compensation

Every day, employees who are disengaged, distracted, or discouraged cost employers time, money, frustration, and opportunities.  With smart incentives and variable compensation plans however, you can motivate and energize your employees to achieve remarkable results. Nothing motivates a team more than when they share in the success or gains they help achieve. Properly structured incentives give employees a more personal stake in the organization’s outcomes and:

  • Boost engagement and morale.
  • Facilitate communication and teamwork.
  • Strengthen recruiting and retention.
  • Increase productivity and profit.

Rob Marchalonis will share insights, research, stories, and solutions to help you decide if incentives are right for your business or nonprofit enterprise. He reveals smart ways to use variable compensation and misconceptions about employee motivation while proving his point with workplace engagement statistics, employment data, and real-world examples that demonstrate the power of incentives.  Tap into the enormous potential of your workforce and get the results you want—when you “share your success” with variable compensation plans.

Rob Marchalonis

Rob Marchalonis is the founder of LSP123 and IncentShare.com.  As an employee productivity and incentive compensation thought leader, he authored the book IncentShare which is available on Amazon.  Rob is a former CEO, marketer, and engineer who has used innovative employee sharing strategies throughout his career.  Rob’s accomplishments include twenty years as CEO of Stoner Inc., where he developed incentives that resulted in 15X sales growth. While CEO, the company received the Baldrige Performance Excellence Award from the President of the United States and was named a Best Place to Work in Pennsylvania for nine years.



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