Bylaws (Ad Hoc Committee)
Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  • To conduct the official process, as specified in the Association’s Bylaws, for amending or revising the Articles of Organization, Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.
  • To recommend intended revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws which are in the best interests of the Association and in accordance with the goal of meeting/supporting the “Purposes” for the Association as specified in the Bylaws.

Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Review current Constitution and ByLaws on as-needed basis.
  2. Insure that Constitution and ByLaws encompass the way Officers and Directors operate and manage the Association.
  3. Draft revisions and changes to ByLaws and Code of Ethics as appropriate.
  4. Present recommendations to Board of Directors for approval prior to revisions or changes being presented to the general membership for vote.
  5. In conjunction with President and Board of Directors, provide communication to membership promoting changes and educating membership relative to the need to make specific revisions and changes.
  6. NOTE: The Board of Directors appoints a chairperson who is given the discretion of forming a short-term task force. If appropriate, the Board of Directors may serve as the task force. Member feedback groups may be formed to provide input into the process.

Workforce Readiness Committee
Composition: Members & two Co-chairs

To guide Lancaster County businesses, organizations, schools and employees to achieve their greatest employment potential.

Mission Statement:
To ensure that today and tomorrow’s workforce has the skills, competencies, and behaviors in order to succeed in the workplace. Workforce readiness advocates for advancing the HR issues of work preparedness for all Lancaster county population through a strategic alliance between business and education.

Goals & Objectives:

  1. Partner with colleges, schools and organizations to help prepare job seekers.
  2. Create a SHRM Student Chapter.
  3. Serve as a resource for LSHRM members on workforce readiness issues.

Time Requirements:

  1. For Committee Members: 1-2 hours/month for approximately 9 committee meetings per year (summer break). Additional time as required to complete Committee initiatives.
  2. For Co-chairs: 2-2 ½ hours/month for committee meetings including prep time and follow up. Additional time as needed to complete Committee initiatives.
  3. Monthly morning meetings at the Farm & Home Center.


Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  1. To facilitate all communications efforts related to keeping LSHRM members informed about activities and events (i.e. monthly meetings, workshops and/or seminars, special events, etc.) planned and carried out by the Board of Directors and Committees.
  2. To promote the HR Profession and LSHRM to the public by developing working relationships with print and broadcast media.

Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Edit and produce Monthly HR Express Newsletter. This involves working with volunteer writers and the LSHRM website administrator to assure that the newsletter is created and distributed efficiently.
  2. Assure that remains an outstanding source of timely information. Work closely with the Secretary to coordinate the preparation and distribution of the Association’s annual membership renewal information and assist in preparation of annual Lancaster SHRM Membership Directory.
  3. Seek to maintain contact with local media representatives to implement appropriate means of communication to more effectively promote and enhance the HR profession and increase overall exposure for LSHRM and its activities and efforts whenever possible.

Time Requirements:

  • “Virtual Meetings” take 30 – 45 minutes per month.
  • Depending on role, time required to follow-up on projects.

Diversity Committee Mission, Vision and Goals
Lancaster SHRM is a forward-thinking, diverse association that includes and celebrates people and makes diversity an everyday part of our organization.

We will be a trusted resource and advocate for diversity to help human resource professionals, companies, business leaders and the community at large.


  1. Define the diversity mission and vision for the Lancaster SHRM
  2. Identify and partner with community resources to increase value to Lancaster County
  3. Increase diversity in Lancaster SHRM membership to represent the community we serve.
  4. Develop goals, methods and metrics for measuring our progress


Legislative Affairs
Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  • To monitor and evaluate (on an ongoing basis) any pending legislative, regulatory or legal developments and action at the federal, state and local level which may have an impact on the management of human resources, in accordance with Purpose # 2 as specified in the Association’s Bylaws.
  • To inform Association members of same and offer advice/assistance on appropriate responses and action to be taken.

Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Provide timely information on any developments requiring a response from members and recommend or offer advice/assistance on appropriate responses and action to be taken (urge members to establish contact with elected officials). Information may be provided through several means of communication including, but not limited to , articles in the Association’s newsletter (the HReport), a legislative affairs report to members at monthly meetings, copies of a summary or recent or “hot” HR issues and pending legislation distributed at monthly meetings, etc.
  2. Work closely (network/liaison) with national and PA State SHRM Legislative Affairs representatives and committees and/or the Chamber of Commerce to gather information that can then be communicated to the members.
  3. Assist in the development of and fully support any workshops and/or seminars which are designed to address legislative affairs and issues.

Time Requirements:

For a committee member:


  • 1 hour per month for committee meetings. An additional 30 minutes per month for committee work during an event month (phone calls, news article, set up).
  • Also, whenever possible attend the three one-hour Brown Bag Luncheons, the Legislative Breakfast, or the Washington D.C. Bus Trip.


For the committee chair:


  • Same as above. Add an additional 15 minutes per month for preparing minutes and reminders.

Marketing Committee
Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  • The Marketing Committee will promote Lancaster SHRM to HR professionals in the Lancaster marketplace and empower its members by expanding their professional network and inspiring excellence.

Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Plan and organize a minimum of 1 networking event per quarter for LSHRM members and prospective members.
  2. Coordinate with other committees to promote the activities and work of LSHRM and its members to the broader community.
  3. Find creative ways to promote networking among members and non-members.
  4. Support other LSHRM committees in their efforts to generate revenue through sponsorships. Assist in developing sponsorship opportunities and tracking sponsor commitments.
  5. Promote and support LSHRM’s commitment to local community organizations through fundraising and other awareness efforts throughout the year.

Time Requirements:

  • Monthly committee meetings for approximately 1 hour following the LSHRM breakfast program meeting.
  • Attendance at 4 evening events (minimum) throughout the year to assist with registration and networking activities.

Work outside committee meetings to coordinate event logistics, sponsorships, plan networking activities, etc. Approximately 1-2 hours per month.

Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  • To support and promote the mission and strategic direction of the association through optimum membership levels achieving quality and increased number of members from a cross-section of the County’s human resource professionals.
  • To establish practices that will aid in the recruitment and retention of members, as well as successfully integrating new members into the Chapter.

Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Conduct various types of recruitment promotions in the community to human resource professionals who are not currently members.
  2. Educate and encourage current Chapter members to help with recruitment by promoting the Chapter among their networking and personal contacts.
  3. Educate and encourage current and new Chapter members to become members of the national organization, SHRM.
  4. Work with the Administrative Assistant in the membership renewal process by establishing policy.
  5. Establish and conduct activities to aid in the retention of current members as the renewal process is being conducted.
  6. Review and approve new member applications.
  7. Review and revise the membership application brochure as needed.
  8. Conduct monthly new member orientation sessions, which provide the new member with a packet of information and introductions to some other members.
  9. Review and update the contents of the new member packet as needed.
  10. Review and make recommendations to the Board on membership criteria.
  11. Oversee structure and publication of the membership directory.

Time Requirements:

  • For committee chair: One hour per month for committee meetings, plus an average of one to two additional hours per month for recruitment and renewal processes and new member orientations.
  • For members: One hour per month for committee meetings, plus an average of one to two additional hours per month for recruitment and renewal processes and new member orientations.

Nominating (Ad hoc Committee)
Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  • To conduct the official process, as specified in the Association’s Bylaws, for nominating Officers and Board of Directors.
  • To submit to the membership, a slate of Officers and Board of Director members to serve the Association for the forthcoming fiscal year.

Committee Composition:

    Three Professional members of the Association (none of whom shall be Officers) shall be appointed to the committee by the President. The Immediate Past President shall serve as an advisor to the committee.

Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Reviews current term of office for each Officer and Board of Director member.
  2. Determines interest of current Officers and Directors to serve in the various leadership roles of the Board of Directors for the forthcoming fiscal year.
  3. Receives input from Committee Chairpersons and members of the current Board of Directors relative to Association members who:
    • are actively involved in committee activities,
    • meet the criteria to serve on the Board of Directors and
    • may desire to serve as a member of the Board of Directors
  4. Following discussion of committee, contacts specified members to determine interest in serving on the Board of Directors.
  5. Prepares slate of Officers and Board of Directors which is announced at Annual Meeting and voted upon by Professional and General members present at the meeting.

Time Requirements:

    Approximately 4 hours of direct, phone, or e-mail communication with committee members and candidates.

Professional Development
Purpose/Mission of Committee:

    Provide a formal opportunity for Association members to assemble and exchange information of mutual professional interest. To enhance and reinforce the professionalism of members and inform them of practiced application of the laws and regulations governing HR management. Strengthen knowledge in specific HR areas such as management, practice, selection and placement, training and development, compensation and benefits, employee and labor relations, recruitment, safety and security.

Committee Responsibilities:

These efforts include, but are not limited to:

  1. Develop a plan which outlines the scope and sequence of professional development to address needs of chapter membership; design and implement programs and workshops to meet HR professional needs.
  2. Develop and coordinate educational experiences for individuals preparing for HR certification.
  3. Establish and maintain methods to recognize members who have achieved professional accomplishments such as certification through SHRM.
  4. Encourage and support “mentoring” opportunities for new/developing HR professional.

Time Requirements:

  • 1-2 hours/month for committee meetings.
  • Additional time as needed in spring and fall to plan and execute seminars offered in September and April.

Composition: Members and two co-chairs

Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  • Using chapter member input and feedback, we plan and coordinate Breakfast Seminars that provide our members with opportunities for learning, networking and resource sharing. The goal is to offer relevant and timely topics to develop, enhance and expand our competencies as HR professionals.

Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  1. Plan and schedule topics and speakers for eight Breakfast Seminars held between September and June.
  2. Use monthly program evaluation forms and periodic surveys to assess members’ needs and interests. Select seminar topics and speakers based on this input.
  3. Screen and select speakers who are qualified to present on chosen topics. Coordinate all necessary arrangements including travel, lodging, facilities, equipment, publicity, and setup.
  4. Submit applications to HRCI to obtain recertification credits for seminars. Schedule topics to ensure at least 25% of programs qualify for Business Management & Strategy credits.
  5. Handle applications and schedule corporate sponsors for the Breakfast Seminars.
  6. Look for ways to expand learning opportunities (e.g., webinars to respond more quickly to hot topics) and coordinate those offerings with other Lancaster SHRM committees and leadership.

Time Requirements:

  • For Committee Members: 1 – 1½ hours (plus travel time) for approximately nine committee meetings per year – 2 hours for setup, greeting and related tasks at Breakfast Seminars held from September to June (expectation that member will attend at least half of the eight scheduled programs) – an additional 2 hours for seminars for which the member serves as Program Coordinator (approximately 1-2 times per year).
  • For Co-Chairs: 2 – 2½ hours (plus travel time) for committee meetings including prep time and follow-up tasks – an additional 2 hours for each Breakfast Seminar for chair who handles HRCI application and program publicity – an additional 1 hour for chair who collates results from program evaluations.


Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  • To recognize the education efforts of our members and children/grandchildren of members by administering the scholarship program each year in a fair, timely and unbiased manner.

Committee Responsibilities:

  • Create and revise the scholarship application forms to be posted on the organization website each year.
  • Review each application in an unbiased manner to select winners within each category, when possible.
  • When deemed necessary, request additional scholarship funds from the board.
  • Notify winners and unsuccessful applicants of their status.
  • Recognize winners at June membership meeting and through press releases and at high school awards programs, when appropriate.
  • Review scholarship process and make changes for the next year, when necessary.

Time Requirements:

  • Monthly committee meetings from January to May.
  • Scholarship review meeting to select chapter winners.
  • Email communications throughout the year when required.


Strategic Planning (Ad Hoc Committee)

    President, Board Officers and Directors; additional members as deemed appropriate by the President

Purpose/Mission of Committee:

  • To conduct more effective long-term planning for the Association in order to establish clear goals and objectives for the future.
  • To determine key result areas (or priorities) and a plan of action for the current fiscal year.
  • To determine those items that can/should be handled by the entire Board of Directors for the Association and those that can/should be handled more effectively by a committee of the Board

Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Meet as a committee (if requested by the President), possibly with the guidance of an outside facilitator.
  2. Discuss immediate and longer term plans of the Association.
  3. Make recommendations with regard to setting goals and priorities.
  4. Determine progress in achieving goals and priorities which are established by this committee and agreed to by the Board of Directors.

Time Requirements: – 8 hours per term